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Kubernetes 1.24 Weave Playground

Get access to the Kubernetes 1.24 Weave playground with one click

Playground Features

  • Single-node Kubernetes cluster
  • Equipped with Weave Container Network Interface (CNI)
  • kubectl command preinstalled
  • Each session runs for 60 minutes but can be extended should you need more time

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is initially hard to understand. Every website tells us it's a container orchestrator, but what does it actually do? Well, nothing makes things easier to understand than actually using this software yourself. Get access to a Kubernetes environment in seconds! No need to install anything. You just click a button and you get one ready-made, easily accessible from your browser. Enter kubectl commands, experiment, and see for yourself what this orchestrator is all about.

Kubernetes makes it easy to run thousands of containers across hundreds of servers. It takes care of distributing every container where it should be. It makes sure failed containers are replaced automatically. It even ensures that the servers that fail also get replaced. It auto-heals and keeps things running the way you instructed it to do. It's an automation tool that orchestrates stuff for you; makes sure things go according to plan. And since it mainly works with containers, these are some reasons why it's called a container orchestrator.

What is Weave CNI?

Container Network Interfaces or CNI enables networking capabilities within your Kubernetes cluster and internal components. It allows communication between nodes, pods, and also services. It is one of the primary components that is required in order to set up a Kubernetes cluster. One of the widely-used CNIs available is Weave.

Due to its comprehensive feature set, Weave supports Network Policies, which are slightly similar to a firewall. The policies allow you to control what goes in and out of the Kubernetes network.

Weave CNI Features

  • Pod Networking - this allows pods within the cluster to communicate 
  • Network Policy - Weave fully supports network policies. These allow more fine-grained control over the incoming and outgoing traffic of pods and services much like a firewall. This makes the entire cluster more secure from network attacks. 
  • Network logs - Weave CNI is embedded within the cluster and spawns pods in order to function. Any event or issue related to networking can easily be monitored with the pod logs.