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HashiCorp Learning Path

The HashiCorp Learning Path equips  individuals with the necessary skills and certifications in HashiCorp tools,  particularly focusing on Terraform and Vault.

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Get your Basics Right
terraform basics
terraform state
terraform with AWS
remote state
terraform provisioners
terraform import
tainting resources and debugging
terraform modules
terraform functions and conditional expressions
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Get Certified
recap IAC
terraform provider basics
resource Attributes and dependencies
terraform state
and modify configuration
lifecycle rules
terraform taint
import and workspaces
terraform modules
terraform cloud
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Learn Secret Management and get certified
vault components
vault data protection
seal and unseal
installing and running vault server
auth methods
vault identity groups
vault policies
assess vault tokens
secrets engines
vault clustering and replication
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secrets engines - key/value
vault security hardening
appRole auth method
audit logs
vault cluster
batch tokens
vault policies
control group
configure vault agent
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Learn Service Discovery
consul architecture
deploying a single datacenter
register services
service discovery
consul key/value (KV)
backup and restore
service proxy
secure agent communication
basic ACLs
gossip encryption
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Scale up to the cloud
terraform cloud setup
securing variables
private module registry
migrating to terraform cloud
policy as code - sentinel and OPA
cost estimation
version compatibility
terraform cloud API
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* This is based on averages from our students. This may change depending on your experience and level of expertise.


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What is HashiCorp?

HashiCorp is a software company that provides a suite of open-source tools and commercial products for cloud infrastructure automation and management. Their tools are widely used in the DevOps and cloud computing space.

What are some popular products offered by HashiCorp?

HashiCorp offers several popular products, including:

  • Terraform: A tool for provisioning and managing infrastructure as code across various cloud providers and platforms.
  • Vault: A secrets management and data protection tool that securely stores and manages sensitive information.
  • Consul: A service mesh and networking tool that provides service discovery, configuration, and segmentation capabilities.
  • Nomad: A cluster and workload orchestration platform for deploying and managing applications across a distributed infrastructure.

Packer: A tool for creating machine images and reusable build artifacts across multiple platforms.

Are HashiCorp tools open source?

Yes, HashiCorp has a strong commitment to open source software. Many of their tools, including Terraform, Vault, Consul, Nomad, and Packer, are available as open-source projects and have active communities supporting their development and maintenance. However, HashiCorp also offers commercial versions of their tools with additional features and enterprise support.

What is the HashiCorp certification program?

The HashiCorp certification program offers certifications to validate an individual's proficiency and expertise in using HashiCorp tools. The certifications cover various topics related to the specific tool, including usage, best practices, and advanced concepts. Some of the certifications available include the Terraform Associate, Vault Associate, and Consul Associate certifications.

How can I prepare for HashiCorp certifications?

To prepare for HashiCorp certifications, it is recommended to review the official documentation, study guides, and exam objectives provided by HashiCorp. Hands-on experience with the respective tools and familiarity with infrastructure concepts and best practices are also beneficial. Additionally, HashiCorp offers training courses and workshops that can help in preparing for the certifications.

What are the prerequisites for the Terraform Associate certification?

There are no formal prerequisites for the Terraform Associate certification. However, it is recommended to have some hands-on experience with Terraform and familiarity with infrastructure concepts and cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. Knowledge of the Terraform syntax and configuration is essential.

Which HashiCorp certification should I go for?

The choice of certification depends on your area of interest, expertise, and career goals. Consider the following factors when deciding:

  • Job Role: Look for certifications that align with your desired job role, such as infrastructure engineer, DevOps engineer, security engineer, or cloud architect.
  • Tool Relevance: Consider the HashiCorp tool you are most interested in or have experience with. If you are proficient in Terraform, the Terraform Associate certification may be a good fit.
  • Skill Development: Identify the skills you want to enhance or the specific technology stack you work with. For example, if you focus on secrets management, the Vault Associate certification would be valuable.
  • Industry Demand: Research the demand and popularity of different certifications in your industry or job market to determine their value and relevance.

What are the prerequisites for HashiCorp certifications?

Most HashiCorp certifications do not have strict prerequisites, but some prior experience or familiarity with the respective tool, infrastructure concepts, cloud platforms, or security concepts may be beneficial. Review the official certification documentation to understand any recommended knowledge or skills.

Are HashiCorp certifications vendor-specific or applicable to multiple cloud providers?

HashiCorp certifications are focused on the tools and technologies provided by HashiCorp, such as Terraform, Consul, and Vault. These tools are designed to be cloud-agnostic and can be used with multiple cloud providers, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and others. The certifications validate your proficiency in using the tools themselves, rather than any specific cloud provider.

How long is each HashiCorp certification valid for?

HashiCorp certifications are typically valid for a specific period, usually two years. After the validity period, you may need to recertify or renew your certification by taking a recertification exam or meeting certain requirements. Check the official certification documentation for the specific validity period of the certification you are interested in.