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Postman Essentials

Sanjeev Thiyagarajan
Training Architect & Instructional Lead at KodeKloud
DevOps Pre-Requisite Course
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Postman Essentials course is designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge to harness the power of Postman for efficient API testing and collaboration. Whether you are a developer, tester, or API enthusiast, this course will empower you to optimize your API workflow and leverage the advanced features of Postman.

Course Topics:

What is Postman:

  • Understand the role and significance of Postman in API testing and development.
  • Explore the key features and benefits of using Postman as an API client.
  • Learn about the various editions and licensing options available for Postman.

Setting Up a Demo API:

  • Set up a demo API environment for hands-on practice throughout the course.
  • Learn how to configure and deploy a sample API using popular frameworks or platforms.
  • Understand the essential components of an API and its endpoints.

Getting Started with Postman:

  • Learn how to install and set up Postman on your local machine.
  • Navigate the Postman user interface and understand its key components.
  • Explore the various functionalities of Postman, including request creation, response handling, and collections.

Testing Authentication in Postman:

  • Discover different authentication mechanisms used in APIs.
  • Learn how to configure and test authentication methods, such as API keys, OAuth, and basic authentication, in Postman.
  • Explore advanced authentication techniques, such as bearer tokens and custom authentication.


  • Understand the concept of variables in Postman and their role in streamlining API testing.
  • Learn how to define and utilize variables for dynamic request generation and response extraction.
  • Explore techniques for managing variables within Postman, including global and environment-specific variables.

JWT Tokens in Postman:

  • Gain insights into JSON Web Tokens (JWT) and their importance in API security.
  • Learn how to handle JWT tokens in Postman for authentication and authorization purposes.
  • Explore techniques for extracting and utilizing JWT tokens in subsequent requests.


  • Discover the power of scripting in Postman for customizing and automating API workflows.
  • Learn how to write pre-request scripts and test scripts using JavaScript within Postman.
  • Explore advanced scripting scenarios, including conditional requests, data transformations, and response validations.


  • Understand the concept of environments in Postman and their role in managing different API settings.
  • Learn how to create and switch between environments based on different stages (e.g., development, staging, production).
  • Explore techniques for parameterizing requests and managing environment-specific configurations.


  • Test your knowledge and understanding of the course material through an interactive quiz.
  • Reinforce key concepts and assess your progress in mastering Postman's capabilities.

Conclusion: In the concluding part of the course, you will review the essential topics covered throughout the modules. You will gain a deep understanding of Postman's features, enabling you to efficiently test and collaborate on APIs. By the end of the course, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to leverage Postman as a powerful API testing and collaboration tool, enhancing your productivity and streamlining your API workflows.

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What our students say

About the instructor

Sanjeev Thiyagarajan, a Training Architect and Instructional Lead at KodeKloud, is known for his expertise in networking, troubleshooting, and network administration. 

Sanjeev worked at Cisco Systems, he excelled as a Customer Support Engineer, coordinating interdisciplinary teams for IWAN solutions and leading deployments of Multi-Fabric VXLAN/EVPN across Data Centers. His knowledge of core networking protocols and ability to troubleshoot complex network issues are well-regarded in the industry.

Sanjeev also spent a significant tenure as a Proof Of Concept/Pre-Sales Engineer at Arista Networks where he specialized in designing scalable multi/hybrid cloud proof of concepts.

His certifications, including PCA: Prometheus Certified Associate, complement his hands-on experience in various platforms like Cisco IOS, NxOS, IOS-XR, and Arista EOS.

Sanjeev's popularity stems from his ability to translate complex technical concepts into accessible learning materials, making him a respected figure in the technical training community. His work at KodeKloud continues to impact professionals seeking to enhance their skills in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

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